I'm available for technical design and art work for games as of January 2022!

You can reach me at thnewlands@gmail.com or on Twitter as @thnewlands

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Python, Meshlab, Meshroom, PDAL, Blender, Art, Web, Modelling, Point Clouds


An immersive experience that features live dance performance as volumetric video in social virtual reality space.

A collaboration with Valencia James, Thomas Wester, Simon Boas, Marin Vesely, Sandrine Malary, Carlos Johns-Davila, and Terri Ayanna Wright

Suga has been included in the Gray Area Festival and SIGGRAPH's Art Gallery and is being performed at Sundance 2022 this week.

About Suga’


Fallgame (working title)

Unity, Mobile, Meshlab, Blender, Pipeline, Art, Shaders, Lookdev, Gameplay, C#


A physics driven mobile game where you move your ethereal body though landscapes in the sky.

A collaboration with Reyn Yeager and Sacha Lusk

About Fallgame


Les Boréades

Unity, Lookdev, Research, VR, VFX, Pointclouds, Blender, Meshlab


An immersive classical music performance wrapped in photoscanned environments.

Work with Glowbox

Written about in OArtsWatch.

About Les Boréades

Research after Les Boréades


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